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Undergraduate Advising Forms

Department Forms

  • (New and improved!) BIOE Advising Worksheet (.xlsx) 
    For the current BIOE curriculum - Updated 25 September 2017
    Questions about using the worksheet? See this video tutorial.
  • Pre-2016 BIOE Curriculum Advising Worksheet (.xlsx)
    Students on the Pre-2016 BIOE curriculum should use this worksheet.
    Updated 3 March 2017
  • BIOE Course Prerequisites Chart (PDF)
    Updated 29 August 2016
  • BIOE Sample Program
  • BIOE Sample Program: Pre-Health Track (PDF)
    Updated 2 June 2016
  • BIOE Advising forms: BIOE Petition for Waiver to Departmental Policy & BIOE399 requests. Updated 21 March 2018
    • Other Departmental Requests
    • Request for Exception to Pre- or Co-Requisite Requirement for BIOE course
    • Request for One-Time Approval of Elective
    • BIOE399 Independent Study
      • BIOE399 requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of the semester in which the the BIOE399 would occur (fall/spring semesters only). This will allow for processing time and student registration. When submitting this request, you will be required to complete the BIOE399 registration form at

Clark School Forms

  • 45 credit review: see the 45 credit review contract
  • Visit the The Clark School's Office of Undergraduate Advising Forms page for:
    • Permission to Enroll in Another Institution Form and Guidelines
    • Permission to Take a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit
    • Requests for College-level Exceptions to Policy (e.g. Credit Overload, Late Add/Drop, Third Attempt of a Course, Exceed 18 Credit Repeat Limit)
    • Declaring and changing your major (within Engineering)
    • Pursuing double majors and double degrees
    • Graduation